Introducing Hand-Treated Dyeing

Hand-Treated Dyeing has become an integral part of our seasonal Jac + Mooki collections – we love the uniqueness that is achieved with hand-dyeing and hand-treated garments and in a world that is overly saturated with garments, having something totally unique is extra special.

 We spoke with our Founder and Director, Melissa, about the ins and outs of the hand-treated dyeing process as well as her favourite pieces from our hand-dyeing collections.

Can you explain what hand-treated dyeing is?

The hand-treated dyeing process is pretty self-explanatory, it a process in which the garment is dyed and/or treated by hand. What makes it so special, however, is that each piece is totally unique and there are no patterns that look completely identical, which is why I love it so much. An integral part of this process is to ensure we only use natural dyes and washes, free from harmful chemicals. This creates a safer environment for the people who dye and produce our clothing and, just as importantly, reduces the impact our production process has on the planet.

Why did you introduce hand treated dyeing into your collections?

In an industry where garments, silhouettes and colours can be so repetitive, I wanted to introduce an element of surprise and individuality and thus, our hand treated tie-dye and dip-dye garments were born. These silhouettes have been an integral part of our seasonal collections. I love the idea of owning something that is totally unique and I like to think our customers feel the same way. 

What is your favourite style from the hand treated dyeing collection?

Wow, where do I even begin! We have produced so many beautiful pieces over the years that have been hand treated and hand-dyed. Right now, I’m loving our Elissa Sweatshirt in Poolside Dip Dye, which has been designed to be a relaxed and oversized fit with beautiful blouson sleeves and a flattering V-shaped neckline.

How would you style garments that have been hand-dyed?

I love our hand-dyed garments styled with our premium comfort stretch denim. I think combining these unique dyeing patterns against a pair of denim jeans or layered underneath a denim jacket creates an effortless approach to your day-to-day style. I especially love our peony and powder blue tones paired with our vintage denim. 

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