The Winter Bulletin

At Jac + Mooki, our appreciation for layering and high-quality wardrobe staples is a well that runs very deep. There's something enjoyable about layering up in your coziest winter staples during the cooler months, that we just can't help but look forward to. To best help you through the months of winter layering, we spoke to three mooki muses about their winter wardrobe staples and the key to building a versatile wardrobe that you can enjoy all year round.  

“A statement boot is always my go-to come, winter. I love the idea of wearing it lots of different ways, either dressed up with a chic dress or paired back with pants and a trench coat if it’s really cold. They get bonus points for keeping your feet cozy and dry too!” 

- Helena Vestergaard | @helena.vestergaard 

“For me, a good sweat is a must-have in my wardrobe for winter. Perfect for staying cozy, while being versatile enough to dress up with a trench coat or a blazer for an off-duty look outdoors.” 

- Hannah Juneva | @hannahjuneva

“During winter, I cannot go past a comfortable, high-quality cotton tee with an asymmetrical hem, perfect for layering underneath heavier pieces. I love the fact it can be dressed up or down all winter long. I also can't go past a coloured sweat, which is a staple for me all year round.” 

- Caitlin Bassett | @c_bass_netball 

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